We RDJ EXPORTS Namakkal, is one of the leading merchant exporters in India. We are supplying high quality of Peanut Candy, Moringa products,Teracotta handicrafts,Curry leaves products, in large volumes to our customers’ spread through out the world. We are based at Namakkal the hub of Exporter’s House. We here the capability to deliver large volumes with in stipulated time schedules.

We export various varieties including bold peanuts, java peanuts, blanched bold peanuts, blanched java peanuts, peanuts in shell bold, peanuts splits and peanuts shell java. Peanuts are popularly used in Indian, Western and Eastern cooking. They impart a nutty aroma to the food and enhance flavours.

We also supply raw as well as salted peanuts as per the requirement of our clients. The peanuts are dark pink in colour and are used in the oil manufacturing industry, medical industry and food industry. We supply both kind of groundnut with running type of count.
We supply blanched peanuts in India and abroad. We export all sizes of blanched groundnut as per customer’s requirements. Our blanched peanuts are of best quality and used extensively for manufacturing edible peanut oil, making peanut butter etc. The peanuts are packed properly to ensure long shelf-life.We are best peanut kernel suppliers because we have a team of selected and experienced sourcing agents.

The peanut kernels we export are directly purchased from the reliable farmers. We supply peanut kernels in custom packs. The packaging is undertaken under proper hygienic and clean environment. We ensure the total satisfaction of our clients. We are engaged in exprting the best quality Agro Products to these clients under any circumstance and irrespective of their locations. Furthermore, we are also engaged in making delivery of orders within stipulated time frame.

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Clay Buddha Statue Shop beautiful Buddha statues for home and garden- designs available

Foods cooked in earthenware retains 100% nutrients.RDJ EXPORTS We are one of the Exports of Clay Cookware & Terracotta products. Start cooking Food using Earthen Cookware from This Pongal and keep your family Healthy.

RDJ Exports is engaged in, marketing and service of rich clay products of varied types. RDJ Exports manufacturing facilities in South India, capable of producing high quality, custom made clay products using different production techniques to achieve the desired product output.
With an excellent technical team and dedicated workers skilled in the craft, RDJ Exports Clayworks believes in innovating constantly across different ranges of terracotta products in order to meet the diverse needs of discerning customers from across the world.

For over a decade, our products have been well-received by customers from across the world. Quality products, competitive prices, prompt turn-around time and excellent customer service have won us the approval of our Distributors and Clients around the world. 

RDJ Exports is develop, produce and supply high quality clay products that are of global standards and to ensure that we are completely geared to meet customer requirements regarding quality and timely delivery by focusing on a customer-centric work ethic, innovation and customer.

Green Curry Leaves are picked as soon as they are matured and have maximum flavour. The flavour of Fresh Curry Leaves is used to enhance the taste of various cuisines. The dark green Fresh Curry Leaves have great aroma that increases the taste of any dish. Today, we are counted among the key Curry Leaves Exporters from India.
Grown using natural manure, the Fresh Curry Leaves are provided in suitable packaging to maintain the quality in handling and delivery.

The company is a reliable manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Fresh Curry Leaves from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We supply the product all across the globe. Fresh Curry Leaves are mostly used for increasing the taste of dishes due to their distinctive aroma and flavor. These Leaves are used in both whole as well as ground form. The supplied leaves have wide variety of uses like they help in digestion, act as
We believe in having our hands and hearts in our business and in our product. We hold the Moringa tree as sacred in this co-creative work Moringa, commonly called The Miracle Tree or Tree of Life has the potential for healing because of its high nutritional levels. As more scientific research is being completed, we are seeing the modern day proof of native uses for this amazing plant. Conduct your own research and consult your health care practitioner or doctor to discover the many uses and benefits of the Moringa

Our company endeavors to proffer the finest-quality of Drumstick Leaves in the international markets. Thus, we are associated with #1 league of Exporters and Suppliers of Drumstick Leaves from Tamil Nadu (India). To maintain their fresh and pristine form, we take appropriate packing measures. Buyers can avail themselves of varying quantities of Drumstick Leaves from us at affordable prices. We always prioritize to
We are a renowned exporter and supplier of Moringa Leaves based in Tamil Nadu. The latest machinery and technology is used in the processing of these leaves to ensure their purity. The product undergoes stringent checks to ensure long shelf life. Please contact us for competitive prices on bulk orders. We ensure good packaging and timely delivery.

We are a leading exporter and supplier of Moringa Leaves Powder based in Tamil Nadu. These leaves are known for aiding metabolism and promoting good cholesterol in the body. We assure that the powder is made from good quality fresh leaves. We offer competitive prices on bulk orders. Our good packaging ensures that the delivery reaches you on time and in good condition.

120-moringa-gel-capsules-caps-showing.jpgGreen Virgin Products’ Moringa capsules are natural supplements that provide all the nutrients and health promoting properties you need to feel vibrant and energized every single day. The health Benefits of Moringa Capsules are so powerful that it eliminates the need for any other additional supplement.
The benefits of moringa capsules reach far beyond your ordinary vitamin supply. They provide your body with an outstanding concentration of health supporting properties – consisting of pure 100% Moringa leaf powder from the most nutrient dense plant there is. Researchers have put its high nutritional value to the test and have come up with some outstanding results
•               100% purity
•               Longer shelf life
               Natural healing agent